Chronic Bronchitis Treatment Natural & Herbal Cures

Chronic Bronchitis Treatment
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Chronic Bronchitis Treatment Natural & Herbal Cures

  • Chronic Bronchitis Treatment
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             Chronic Bronchitis Treatment Natural, Bronchitis Is An Inflammatory Condition.Where Inner Mucus Lining Of The Bronchi Tube Like Structure In The Lungs, Which Is Usually Get  Damaged By A Respiratory Infection.

              These Branching Of Airways, Also Known As Bronchi, Make Flow  Air From  Trachea To The Two Lungs. But When The Tubes Become Damaged By External Factors Some Are Known Or Some Are Unknown, They  Show sensitivity Reaction Such As Swell And Drainage Of  Mucus, Which resulting  Blockage of Airflow.

First Symptom Is Cough Which Is A Protective Response To Bronchi. First It Is Dry In Nature Then Mucus Drainage Start,. Mucosal Drainage Get Filled In Tubes And There Is Blockage Of Air Way.

Acute Bronchitis Common In Nature.Inflammation Is Protective Response Of Body. People With Great Immunity If Get Stuck With Infection It May Reside For Two To Three Weeks Body Try To Fight Infection If Body Is Strong Enough To Control Infection Then Inflammatory Response Get Recovered.

Above Case Is Not With  Chronic Bronchitis. It Is Continuous And Can Be Uncontrollable Sometimes.Why This Happens Because People With Chronic Bronchitis Is More Prone To Air Pollutant And Allergens Or Any Other Infection.

Acute Bronchitis:-

Chronic Bronchitis Treatment Natural,Coldness in chest region is another, name given to Acute Bronchitis. most common in infants, teenager, adolescence Age and older adults. It Especially happens during the wake of a cold, flu, or other viral infection. External Viral Response Triggers The symptoms of Mucus Production, and Drainage of Sinuses Happens. Bacterial Infection Sometimes is Main Cause of Acute Bronchitis.

Tobacco smoke, smog, dust, fumes, vapours and air pollution Are the main Element That Triggers Acute Bronchitis.Old People get more severe Condition.

Chronic Bronchitis Treatment Natural
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chronic Bronchitis:-

                                  Chronic Bronchitis Treatment Natural Is The ‘Symptom Complex’ Characteristic Of Production Of Sputum. There Is Usually No Obvious Cause Of Symptoms Such as Acute Inflammatory Disease Of Lung or Bronchiectasis. In Elderly Patient Is Progressive And Sometimes Even InCurable If Uncontrolled, It Can Cause Heart Failure Due To Consistent Coughing Which Develops Pressure On Heart.

Therapy Of Chronic Bronchitis Is Directed Primarily Toward The Infection Which Is Controllable.However, The Pathological Changes Which Develop In Lung, Such As Is Emphysema Irreversible.

The Treatment Of Chronic Bronchitis Can Be Divided Into Two Categories

1)  Treatment Of Exacerbation

2) Management of Chronic Sate

Usually, the Patient with C.B. gets their acute attack during monsoon or winter season.During The Attack  The Sputum Becomes More Viscous And  Profuse.Usually, the Patient with C.B. gets their acute attack during monsoon or winter season.The Most Common Type R Influenza Aud D.Pneumonia Although  S.Aureus Is, Is Also Sometimes Involved.The Treatment Therefore Is Antibiotic Such As  Tetracycline, ampicillin, Amoxicillin And Cotrimoxazole Or Even Third Generation Cephalosporins.Find Some Patient With Advanced Stage Of Cb May Require Erythromycin Ciprofloxacin Or Even 3rd Generation Of Cephalosporin.Control Of Symptom Has To Be Achieved By Use Of Bronchodilators Liquification Of Viscous Sputum Is Achieved By Various  Mucolytic Agents Such As Bromohexine, However Their Usefulness Limited And Temporary

In Extreme Cases When Patient Has Acute Respiratory Distress With Hypoxia hospitalization Become Necessary.For The Management Of Chronic State  Prophylactic Therapy With  Tetracycline Or ampicillin  On Daily Recommended  But Usefulness Is Many Times Questionable.

   Natural Chronic Bronchitis Treatment

Aromatic Inhalation:-

Chronic Bronchitis Treatment Natural


Bronchodilator And Nasal Decongestant:-

Chronic Bronchitis Treatment Natural
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Chronic Bronchitis Treatment NaturalCough Depressant:

Chronic Bronchitis Treatment Natural


Chronic Bronchitis Treatment Natural

What Should Be done by Patient of Chronic Bronchitis:-

  • Avoid Irritant To Respiratory Track, Like Dust, pollen, smoke.
  • Take Breathing Exercises.
  • Take a walk in the morning in an open place, where fresh air is plenty.
  • .Steam inhalation is useful for expelling the large quantity of sputum.
  • Take Special Care During Monsoon And Winter.

Measures To Be Taken If Bronchitis

  • Visit your doctor regularly watch out for lung congestion.
  • watch out for any chest pain and report to the doctor immediately.
  • Keep on taking exercises.

Inhibition Of Histamine release Mast cell Stabilisers :

   The Discovery Of Bronchodilating Activity Of Natural Product Kheline Led To Development Bis(Chromones) As A Compound That Stabilizes The Mast Cell And Inhibits The Release Of Histamine And Other Mediators Of Inflammation.The First Therapeutically Significant Member Of Class Was Cromolyn Sodium.Generally, Mast Cell Stabilizers Inhibit Activation Of Mediator Release From Variety Of Inflammatory Cell Type Associated With Allergy And Asthma , Including Eosinophils, Neutrophils, Macrophages, Mast Cells, Monocytes And Platelets.In Addition To Histamine, These Drugs Inhibit The Release Of Leukotrienes (C4 D4 E4 ) And Prostaglandins.In Vitro Studies Suggested That These Drugs Indirectly Inhibit Calcium Ion Entry Into The Mast Cells And That This Action Prevent Mediator Release.


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