Dose calculation formula || Clark’s rule formula || Pediatric dose calculator

dose calculation formula

Dose Calculation Formula

Dose calculation formula

  1. Dose calculation formula contains Different Type of Parameters Which Decide The Calculation Of Drug Dose.
  2. The Average Maximum Quantity OF Drug Which Can Be Administered To An Adult Orally within 24 hours can be calculated by given formula.
  3. when other routes of administration are followed,the dose is adjusted accordingly.the doses are also calculated in proportionate to age,body weight and surface area of patient.


Doses Proportionate To Age

There Are Number OF Methods for Dose Calculation Formula By Which The Dose For Child Can Be Calculated From Adult  Dose:-

1.Young’s Formula :-

                                   The Formula Is Used For Calculating The Doses For Children’s Under 12 years Of Age  .

Dose calculation formula
Calculating The Doses For Children’s Under 12 years Of Age .


2.Dilling’s Formula :-

                                             The Formula Which Is Used For Calculating the doses for children’s in between 4 to 20 years of age.

this formula is considered better because it is easier and quick to calculate the dose.

Dose Calculation Formula



Doses Proportionate To Body Weight

Clark’s formula used to calculate the dose for the child according to body weight.

dosecalculation formula

Doses Proportionate To Surface Area

The Calculation OF Child Dose According to Surface area is satisfactory and appropriate rather than the method based on age.

The Method is More Complicated than the Method Based On Age .

The Method is based on Following Formula.

dose calculation formula

The Body Surface area Is calculated From Height And Weight Of The Child.It Is Better to Depend On handy Reference Book Rather Than On One’s Memory While Prescribing A Dose Of Child.

Table Below Shows

The Determination Of Children doses From Adult Doses on Basis OF Body Surface area.

dose Calculation formula

This Are The Formula Which Are Used In Calculation  Or Dose Calculation Formula.

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