Role of Pharmacist

Role OF Pharmacist

Role of Pharmacist

Role Of Pharmacist

According To Change Scenario The Expanded Function Of Pharmacist And Its Role As Follows:-

Architecture Of Modern Dispensing Pharmacy

Role Of Pharmacist

  • Adequate Area Should Be Available For Providing Full-Fledged Dispensing Services.
  • In Absence Of Privacy Patient Often Visited To Discuss Their Health Problems  . A Separate Consultation Cabin In Pharmacy Is Sufficient To Provide Confidential Area.
  • A Space For Display Of Health Promotion Information Should Be Provided And Well Maintained And Updated Regularly.
  • Suitable Layout For Disabled Customer Should Be Taken Care Of. Safety And No Smoking Policy Should Be Adopted.
  • Patient Medication Record Should Be Maintained For Each Individual. Use Of Patient Information Leaflets In The Vernacular Language With Pictogram Is Effective Way To Educate The Patient.
  • Employing Women Pharmacist Is Advisable Because A Woman Patient Visited  To State A Problem To Male Pharmacies.

Dispensing Of Medication Point

Role OF PHarmacist

  • The Pharmacist Should Thoroughly Check The Prescription.
  • The Instruction Related To Use  And Storage Help The Patient To Adhere  To Their Medication. In The Term To Get Maximum Benefit From Their Medicines.
  • The Pharmacist Should Use Patient Information Leaflet Or We Can Also Develop A Healthy And Useful Patient Information Leaflet Using Therapeutic Knowledge And Available Drug Information For Various Sources.
  • Pharmacies Should Interact With Patient And He Should Maintain Patient Medication Record The Pmr Should Be Updated By Noting Patients Current Progress.

Patient Counseling

Role Of Pharmacist

  • Patient Counseling Is The Most Widely Recognized Function Of The Pharmacist While Dispensing Medication.
  • One To One Interaction With Patient Can Fully Access The Patient Knowledge And Improve Understanding About The Therapy.
  • Patient With Chronic Conditions Such As Heart Diseases Asthma Should Have Formal Regular Reviews With Pharmacies That Improve Pharmacies Responsibility For Issuing Repeated Prescriptions.

Avail Clinical Services

Role Of Pharmacist

  • At Least Ten Percent Of Hospitals Admissions Are Due To Drug-Induced Conditions.
  • The Written Pharmacies Can Play A Role In Improving Patient Medication Adherence Identifying The Possible Drug Interaction And Monitoring And Reporting The Adverse Drug Reaction.

Pharmacist consultation

Role OF Pharmacist

  • Advising Patients About The Proper Use Of Non-Prescription Or  Prescription Drug Is A Great Patient Care Opportunity For Pharmacist.
  • The Advice Given By The Pharmacist While Applying An Otc Medicine Or Cosmetic Product Is Termed As Pharmacist Consultation.

Health Screening Services

Role OF Pharmacist

  • Pharmacist Should Have Listened With Medical Practitioner In Providing Health Screening Services To Patients.
  • Search Service Include Blood Glucose Estimation, Recording Blood Pressure Estimation Of Cholesterol And Calculating Body Mass Index In Obese Patients And Advising Them To Reduce Weight.
  • Pharmacist Can Advise On Healthy Living Styles And Provide Hints. Attempt To Provide Health Screening Services Will Enhance The Image Of Pharmacist As Professional.

Treating Common Ailments

Role OF Pharmacist

  •  As And When Possible And Permissible Pharmacist Can Give Basic Treatment Such As Providing Drug In Case Of Common Cold, Headache, Or In Contraception.

 Home Care Services

Role Pf Pharmacist

  • Pharmacist   Should Extend Their Service Geriatrics  And Bedridden Patients .
  • Here Pharmacy Should Supply Medicine Advice And Develop Dozing Protocol To Improve The Quality Of Life And Outcome Of Treatment.
  • Search Services Are Also Beneficial For Patient Who Are Discharged From Hospital.

Individualization Of Drug Therapy

Role OF Pharmacist

  • The General Classification Of Patient As Infant Pediatric Adult And Geriatric Will Not Be Sufficient In The Future For Deciding Drug Therapy Point Every Individual Is Unique Which Specialty Of Lifestyle, Mental Status, Stress Train Experienced And Uniqueness In Function Of Organ And Secretions Of Different Glands.
  • Though  Today It Is A Dream, The Progress Made In  Information Technology And Gene Technology Will Enable Physician And Patient Counselor To Achieve The Implementation Of IDT.

Professional Relationship

Role Of Pharmacist


  •  The Lack Of Scientific Knowledge, Failure To Update The Advances In The Drug Therapy And The Very Big Number Of Formulation, Available In The Indian Market Are The Main Reason Of Irrational Prescriptions .
  • The Medical Practitioners Do Not Generally Have Access Two Unbiased Information And Relatively Upon Pharmaceutical Industry For Prescribing Information The Practicing Pharmacist Should Extend His Professional Role By Helping The Physician In Selection Of Proper Brand Of Drug. Pharmacies The Best Positions To  Support Cost-Effective Prescribing.
  • And The Pharmacist Have Necessary Knowledge Of Quality And Cost Of Medicines, At A Strategic Level He Can Say The Evidence And Make Recommendations For The Medicines Which Account For 80% Off On Prescription In Primary Care.

 Drug Information Services

Role Of Pharmacist

Pharmacist Should Have Complete Information Regarding The Standard Therapeutic Procedures Alternate Therapies And Adverse Drug Reaction Printed Literature Different Database System And Online Information Are The Main Source Of Current Information Search Information Should Be Provided To Physician And Patient For Betterment Of Health. Million People Visit Pharmacy Per Day Thomas Of Best Professional To Improve Access To Medicines And To Provide Health Promotion Information.

Access To Medicine

  • Role Pf Pharmacist
  • Pharmacies Is Involved In Pharmacy Right From The Birth Of Medicine Manufacturer Distribution Dispensing And Even Administration His Services Can Be Better Utilized In This Respect.
  • The Better Advice Services Procurement And Distribution Systems  Would Definitely Improve Medicine.
  • You Should Take Medication Reviews. Nursing Homes Groups. Pharmacies Is The Right Person To Develop Treated Protocol Especially For  Chronic Therapy  Should Review The Patient On Multiple Therapy.

Reduce Substandard Medicine

Role Of Pharmacist

The transparent procurement procedure, assurance to purchase high quality medicine, reduction in time period required to reach medicine from manufacturers Quarantine 2 medical shop and the right inventory control are the different ways to reduce substandard medicine point development of drug formulary with consultation of subscribers in that area developing prescribing analysis and cost report and guiding doctor for cost-effective prescribing can indirectly reduce substandard medicine

Continuing Education

Role OF Pharmacist

Continuing Professional Development Program Will Help The Pharmacist To Learn The Pharmaceutical Care Concept And Train Them To Offer The Services To The Patient Point Since A Single Pharmacies Cannot Be Able To Sell And Council The Patient In Busy Shop All Staff Should Adequately Train. Pharmacist Has To Organize And Attend Seminar On Therapeutic Issue And Adverse Effect .


Participation In Social Work And National Health Programme

Role Of Pharmacist

To Ensure Rational Use Of Medicine Pharmacies Should Organize Educational Activities For Healthcare Provider. In Addition To This Pharmacist Should Actively Participate In Health Promotion Activities Such As Tobacco Cessation Alcohol Quitting Diabetic Therapy, And Its Prevention.












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